Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yordano Ventura, Fire and Flame

          Yordano Ventura, he of firebreathing properties, burnt the aquatic Tampa Bay Rays to a crisp yesterday evening. Unfortunately, Chris Archer shot down the flailing Royals offense, too, so nobody did anything on offense until the starters exited the stage. Pitcher’s duels aren’t without their merit, though. Given that Yordano Ventura is the most-hyped Royals pitching prospect since probably Zack Greinke, it seems fitting to overanalyze and overreact to Yordano’s* performance last night.

*Ventura’s nickname appears to be “Ace Ventura”, but in keeping with Royals tradition, I’m sure Ned Yost will refer to him as “Yordy” at some point, if he hasn’t already.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yankees Free Agent Target

          When in the course of MLB free agency it comes time to hand out contracts, the Yankees have been in the habit of needing more than one person to hand out those contracts, both due to size and length of the contracts. All those papers get heavy. During the past offseason, the Yankees signed famed Rising Sun hurler Masahiro Tanaka to a contract with more zeroes in it than the G00gle; 155 million of them, to be exact. Tanaka does not have the résumé to justify such zeroes.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Greg Holland and Arbitration

              With the Royals signing Greg Holland to a contract, Dayton Moore’s perfect record of never going to arbitration remains. There is a fun Twitter account dedicated to finding Facebook posts by Royals fans and re-tweeting them; posts are chosen for various reasons, but they usually relate to ignorance about some generally accepted or known baseball practice or ignorance about baseball statistics and value. After Holland’s signing, many posts were related to how giving Holland a 1 year contract is completely unfair to him. For those who may not know, I’d like to explain a little bit about baseball’s compensation structure to give more context around Holland’s signing.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bronson Arroyo, Royals a Fit

                As we get closer to the beginning of Spring Training, Bronson Arroyo still doesn’t have a current employer. In each of the past two years, Arroyo has thrown over 200 innings and has had an ERA under 4.00 despite poorer peripherals. Given his durability, why hasn’t he found a home? Maybe it’s because the Royals haven’t jumped on the opportunity yet.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Luke Hochevar: Starter? (Again)

With the departure of Ervin Santana and Bruce Chen, and the ineffectiveness of Wade Davis, the Royals are looking for some starting pitching depth. To replace Santana, the Royals signed Jason Vargas. The rotation is Shields, Guthrie, and Vargas at the top; while that isn’t that bad, it doesn’t scream playoffs. The Royals have a multitude of players for the other two rotation spots, including Danny Duffy, Yordano Ventura, Wade Davis, and Luke Hochevar. Wait, Hochevar? Again? Yes, again. The Royals are aiming to give him another shot. What can we expect?